Kea Island Beaches

Stunning Crystal Water Beaches of Kea Island - Kea Beaches Guide

The Island of Kea has a rugged terrain that creates numerous coves and several beautiful beaches. On Kea you can find beaches along almost all the coastline of the island, although some are inaccessible by foot, it is easy to approach them by boat.

Kea Island Beaches

Kea has several organized beaches set with lounger-umbrellas that are featured as Blue Flagged, but it also has some secluded beaches that are difficult to access which one must trek a few hard kilometers if you want to enjoy them, while you must take care of taking with you all the essentials.

The beaches of the Island of Kea will impress you with its crystal clear waters, the color of the water against the blue sky set amidst the earth tones of rock and sand.

Kea Island Beaches - Complete Guide

Gialiskari Beach - Kea Island Beaches

The beach of Gialiskari is located between Vourkari and Korissia. It is one of the most beautiful beaches on Kea and will be sure to grab your attention. It is a small bay with a wide golden beach, where at the back it has a small more

Korissia – Livadi Beach - Kea Island Beaches

It is not uncommon in the Cyclades that next to the Port there is a beach with crystal clear waters. This is true on the Island of Kea. In the natural bay of Korissia where the Port and the village of the same name are situated, which is also more

Koundouraki Beach - Kea Island Beaches

You can find the beach of Koundouraki by following the road on the left side of the village of Koundouros. It is a magnificent sandy beach with crystal clear waters, one of the most beautiful on more

Koundouros Beach - Kea Island Beaches

Koundouros is a relatively recently developed settlement on the Island of Kea. When talking about the beach in Koundouros on Kea we are referring to the main beach town that has a bar - restaurant, sun beds and umbrellas which is a more

Otzias Beach - Kea Island Beaches

The beach in the village of Otzias is the largest beach of Kea. A shallow-watered, sheltered and sandy beach which is ideal for real relaxation. At the beach in Otzias on Kea you can find trees for much needed shade and sun beds more

Pisses Beach - Kea Island Beaches

Another amazing sandy beach of Kea is the beach at the village of Pisses located on the edge of a fertile valley surrounded by olive groves and following-on to a large sandy beach with tamarisk trees. In the village you can more

Vourkari Beach - Kea Island Beaches

Vourkari, Kea is a picturesque village with a harbour for yachts. On the right side there is a sandy beach and bays with rocks and crystal clear waters where you can enjoy the sea. Vourkari has everything that you require during a more