Kea Island Greece. A complete guide for Kea Island in Greece

Welcome to, a Website dedicated to Kea Island. Kea which is also known as Tzia or Gia is a beautiful island and the closest of the Cycladic islands to Athens. Kea is only 60 minutes away from the port of Lavrio and therefore it is an ideal destination for even just a day trip from Athens.

Kea Island Greece. com. A complete travel guide for Kea Island in Greece

On Kea you can find wonderful beaches, traditional villages and see the sights of archaeological and religious interest and one of the best nature trails in the Cycladic islands, which are a real challenge for the determined traveler who wants to experience the natural environment of Kea. Kea (Tzia or Gia) in recent years has become an important tourist region thanks to its close proximity from Athens and because many people from the nearby mainland choose this island for their place of residence for their holidays. Enjoy your Tour in Kea Island and in our webpages!

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Kea Island Beaches - Complete Guide

The Island of Kea has a rugged terrain that creates numerous coves and several beautiful beaches. On Kea you can find beaches along almost all the coastline of the island, although some are inaccessible by foot, it is easy to approach them by more

Kea Island

The Monastery of Panagia Kastriani on Kea (Tzia or Gia)

The Monastery of Panagia Kastriani (Virgin Mary) who is the matron of the Island of Kea was founded around 1700 AD in the area named Kastri (the Castle). According to the tradition, some shepherds suddenly saw a glow one day up on more